Send us instructions by creating a ticket.
Create a ticket to transfer payment to another TransExpress account.
Create a ticket to notify us about your paypal payment or bank transfer.
Create a ticket to notify us about any other payment issues.

There are many reasons why this could happen:

  • Incorrect credit card information.
  • Inactive credit card or insufficient funds.
  • Your credit cards are found to be inactive in our system.

All of these issues can be resolved by the customer through his/her online account. In the case of insufficient funds to cover the cost of shipping, you can add another credit card under your name, a family member, or a close relative that does not have an account with us. You can also transfer the payment to a third-party TransExpress account as long as the account holder authorizes the transfer of charges.

Other solutions for the payment of your shipping are:


Just register on the website - . Make the payment to our account Once we receive payment we will proceed with your shipment.

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